March 11, 2009


Brave Sentry, on your lonely beat
May these blue stockings warm your feet
And when from wars and camps you part
May some fair knitter warm your heart"

This is just one many lovely notes found in Civil War Socks that were lovingly hand knit socks sent to the Union Soldiers. This month's issue of Piecework Magazine, has the most wonderful story about these simple, hand made necessites to the soldiers of the Civil War. The article has pages of other wonderful notes that were placed in each pair and kept over the years. It also contains many pictures of socks and how each knitter put her own personality into her creation. I guess socks are something we just don't really give much thought about. But to a soldier, braving the cold of winter in the 1860's, socks would have been the purist of luxuries! If you are able to purchase this month's issue of Piecework Magazine, do yourself a favor...purchase and read this magnificent article. It will surely warm your heart!

2 comments: said...

Hello, I am looking for some socks to purchase for a film. We need 1860's civil war soldier's socks. Can anyone help us locate them for sale? Please contact me as soon as you can. Jack Wright
Thank you

Doreen said...

Wow...this sounds like a wonderful article. I will check it out. Thank you.

Love your work.