September 25, 2010


Good morning..I am so glad that it is Saturday. This was one of the longest weeks in least to me! Lots of activity going around our homestead, not to mention I "earned" my first speeding ticket on Monday afternoon. I was so nervous I couldn't even get my license out of my wallet!

Anyway..I had been wanting to rearrange my mantle and wall for the fall. I had a mirror hanging for about 2 years and had grown tired of it. I bought a large and medium grapevine wreath (Hobby Lobby has them 1/2 off this week), wired the smaller one inside the larger and then added some beautiful bittersweet vines from my sweet friend Terri, of "Eat Crow Primitives". She gave me a few bunches of it last week at Malabar, but it wasn't quite ready yet. I left it on my backporch till it turned it's wonderful color and stuck it inside the wreath. I also added a little sewing bird box, made by Tina from "Early America the 1815 Shoppe, just for interest. The little covered clock in the middle of the mantle (show in the larger picture) was a gift from my second son Shane and his wife Jennifer on the day they were married. I love that little clock! Plus, they had it engraved. It will always be a treasure.

I am off to sit with my 99 year old grandma this morning, so my mom can get some shopping done and just get out of the house. Granny became ill right before her birthday on Monday and had to be hospitalized, but was released a few days later. She really is to the point where she cannot be left alone between my brothers and myself, we are going to help out as much as possible. I hope you all have a wonderful is finally a nice, cool autumn morning here in Michigan! Take care....

September 20, 2010


My new kitchen scrub top table.

I purchased this table from nice young couple in the barn at Malabar. I think their name was "Simple Goods Primitives". Anyway..I am crazy for scrub top tables and have been looking for one for my kitchen and came across this one. Even my husband liked it. I had a little bistro table before..this one is much more practical. The top of the table is over 100 years old, but the table legs are newly made. It has a nice clean edge to it.

This is my beautiful Stacy Nash sewing pocket. I was so thrilled to meet Stacy and even more thrilled to buy one of her finished samplers. This was a birthday gift from my husband to me (of course I picked it out!)It was my big splurge! Well, besides the table..I really did have a good day!

September 19, 2010


Whew..I am still on Malabar high! What a great time we was an awesome show! Carolyn and Julie Thorton did an amazing job in making sure the vendors were happy with their setups. Any questions or concerns, they were right on top of it! I know they have to be exhausted today! Thank you Carolyn and Julie for all of your hard work! Of course, I had so much fun buying as well as selling! My Malabar neighbor, Terri, Eat Crow Primitives, and I hit is off really well as we did last year..I think even our husband's had a blast! She is simple the best neighbor to have! Terri was really helpful in helping me price some of my items, because for me, it's just a guessing game and I always need help in that department! I was able to shop quite a bit yesterday and found some really good buys. I met and talked with Stacy Nash and bought one of her finished pieces with which I am just thrilled. It was a birthday gift to myself! My friend Melissa, drove down from Cleveland to the show and we were able to shop together for quite a little while and visit. She bought a couple of really nice items and of course wool from Alice Frazier's booth.

It was so nice to see friends from BLESTB and AAPG...Karin, Kaye, Julie, Sherry, and Lauren! It's always nice to see all of them..seems we only get to meet at antique shows or rug hooking shows! are some pictures from the show of the booths that were around me. I'll post more pictures tomorrow of some of the items I bought...did I ever mention that I am a table finatic?? Terri's booth...stocked with all kinds of wonderful scented wax ornaments, stitcheries, painted goods, and beautiful live plants and topiaries. I love all of her early cupboards!Beautiful original cross stitch designs by Lee of Falling Star Primitives.

I didn't get the name of this vendor, but I really loved her booth! Just look at the entrance to her space! How original! She had really nice offerings and was just about sold out at the end of the show.

September 15, 2010


Getting ready for the "In The Spirit of Friends Show" at Malabar Farms this Saturday!
It was so much fun last year, getting to see old friends and making new friends. I really enjoy being able to participate in this show. I love seeing all of the artists and antique dealers with their wares...and of course, not to mention shopping. This year there are even more vendors than last year so it should be even more fun!

I have been making some items for the show, but of course, my main focus is on selling primitive, early goods. I hope to see you down is a wonderful, wonderful show! Just look for Union Star Primitives. I'll be there with my cracked, walnut stained hands..and of course my wonderful hubby!!