August 29, 2010


My primitive browns and faded, antique blacks.

My favorite!

I've been busy!!! Getting ready for the "IN THE SPIRIT OF FRIENDS SHOW" in September....just 3 short weeks away..YIKES!! I have been stitching, painting, creating for the past 2 months. I had ordered some beautiful reproduction fabrics online..but then checked in my own little cabinet and forgot the reproduction fabrics I already had in my stash...well.....maybe I didn't forget...maybe I just wanted to buy more..whatever the excuse..or addiction..I spent the afternoon washing and softening the entire pile. Then I had to sit back and just look at it and sigh..silly, huh? I know I am not alone...and I know I will probably NEVER use all the fabric I have, but for now..I am having fun with it!

August 21, 2010


My friend, Melissa and I went to the wonderful, words-cannot-express, rug hooking exhibit at Sauder Village this past week. I have been every year for the past six years and this was, by far, the biggest and the best! I took lots of pictures and would have taken more...but my battery died the very first day. I posted what I did take so sit back, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy. I apologize for not getting the hooker's names or the designers, but I am sure most of you will know who they are. The first few pictures are the amazing and unbelievable work of Mary Shepard Burton and Leonard Feenam. The Noah's Ark was just beautiful..what a true labor of love! Click on the photos for a larger view. Enjoy!

I was mesmerized by this simple green cape. It was in the exhibit by Mary Shepard Burton as well. My picture just does not do it justice. The green beading around the botton of the cape was outstanding.

This is one of the most outstanding hooked rugs I have ever seen. It was hooked by Donna Hrkman. It was hooked to resemble the old "brown and off white" tin type photos. Her colors and shading were amazing. It was so looked like a photo!
A complete wall was dedicated showing different ways to finish rugs. This was had braiding and all typed of needlework intertwined with hooking. Beautiful colors!

This is one of my favorite rug designs from an antique rug adapted by Barb Carroll. I simply love the "simplicity" of the design and colors in the rug.

I love how these hookers made these rug/figures!! They are precious..especially the ones sitting.

Another rug hooked by the phenomenal Donna Hrkman. This rug almost brought tears to my eyes. The look of sadness and grief on the old soldier's face, made me wonder whose folded American Flag he is clutching so tightly to his soul. If rugs could talk...what a story they would tell...My favorite Santa rug. And antique rug adapted by Maria Barton. I have this rug, but haven't started it yet..bought it last year at Sauder...determined to get it done by this Christmas!

I have a few more pics to post, but I'm tired and going to bed! I will be back this week to show off the wool Melissa and I purchased plus a few other goodies too! Thanks for visiting my blog!

August 1, 2010


You know how you buy something and swear you will never get rid of it? Well...this old hanging cupboard is one of those things. I bought it in Blissfield MI about 10 years ago. I have had it in the living room, the dining area and in the kitchen. I took it down about 2 years ago when I was going thru my "HGTV" phase..(trying to make my house look like every house shown on national TV). But after seeing on the basement floor of my laundry room I couldn't take it anymore. It was either sell it or put it back I hung it back up in my kitchen. The items will probably change from month to month, but for now..I'm quite happy with it the way it is! The sampler on the door was made by Sherry Kristoff, From Sherry's Heart and I love it! One of my favorite samplers! Below, is before I loaded it up..pretty rustic. And then the last picture is with the doors closed. It looks kind of "olive green" in that picture, but it is a really nice old brown.