August 29, 2009


Yep...that about sums it up for the past 24 hours. My dear husband turns 60 tomorrow and I am having a party for him! Now mind you....he only wanted his kids and first...then he added a couple of friends...then he added a couple of more friends...then he added his sisters and brother, plus the spouses....then he added more friends...then Holy Toledo...I think I am up to about 50 to 60 people! I just started planning this "Main Event" on Thursday afternoon, not to mention that I had to work on Friday! Luckily, I was able to order him a cake, rent some tables and chairs and order some chicken...

Today I cleaned like there was no tomorrow, then I shopped like a mad woman. When I got home this evening I started cooking, chopping veggies, fruit, making some kind of dessert called "Puppy chow" and now I am totally wiped out. So wiped out that I forgot to buy him a birthday gift!!!!!!! I think I will tell him that the party is his gift (I don't know if he'll buy that one!) but I really did forget until about an hour ago..o well, I am making his favorites.

Here's the menu:

Smoked Sausage with sauerkraut
Meatballs with Swedish style gravy
Chicken (from Kroger...the best!)
Cheesy Potatoes
Red Skin Potatoes (from my daughter, Renee)
Corn on the cob (I forgot to shuck tonight..darn!)
Chow Mein Salad
Veggie Pizza
Taco Salad
Buttered Green Beans with almonds
Veggie Tray
Relish Tray
Dinner rolls
Pistachio Pudding (from my daughter in law Sara)
Puppy Chow

Sounds like a lot...well, maybe--- maybe not, depends on who shows up! So if any of you are hungry stop on buy..what's a few more?

August 26, 2009


Photobucket A few months ago I posted a picture of all my grandchildren, attempting to sit on the couch to get their pictures taken...very, hard to do! Well, at Olivia's birthday party, we attempted the same feat but this time, we had two more babies to add to the mix...Parker and Isabel. I think all you can see of those two babies is their little bare feet! The "older" kids, ranging from 1 to 4 years old seem to be having a very difficult time in sitting and posing, we have to snap a picture when we can! Well...there are eight of them in this picture...but come spring their will be another one to add to the mix! Good was like Romper Room at my son's house...but so much fun..they are all our little blessings!


Photobucket This my grandma, Divie Angeline as she holds her youngest great-great granddaughter, Isabel Angeline. My grandmother is going to be 98 years old in September and she is doing great..moves a little slower, but her mind is as sharp as a tack!
PhotobucketOlivia's birthday was a couple of days ago..this is her at her birthday party with her Birthday Girl Shirt on! She has beautiful red, curly hair and her eyes are crystal blue...and she knows how to pose for the camera!

August 22, 2009


This afternoon we celebrated my little grand daughter's birthday. She is two years old and just as sweet as can be!! Not much of a little princess...she is more of a little tomboy. Olivia would rather play in dirt and collect rocks than play with dolls or other girlie toys! This is a card that I made for her with couple of sweet pictures.

August 15, 2009



This past week, was Sauder Village's Rug Hooking Exhibit in Archbold Ohio. I can't tell you how wonderful it was! I went by myself and had the best time! The exhibits just get better every year. This year I actually remembered to bring my camera. I took quite a few pictures, but I only posted a few this evening. I went with the intention of not buying any more wool...HAH! That never's like saying a quilter will never buy any more fabric! Rebecca Erb was there and I bought a few pieces from her....she has the most amazing, buttery soft wool and her colors are need to overdye..they are already perfect for hooking! Then I bought 4 fat quarters from a new vendor this year, "Among Friends". I beleive they are from Indiana and they had beautiful overdyed wool. You know how you have a color in your mind that you want to hook with and can never seem to find it or dye it right...well, I had been looking for a dark, teal-like blue to hook this adaptation of an antique rug..and found it at Among Friends. I bought three pieces...she called it "Blue Plate Special". I don't know if it was her combination, but it is THEEEEE most beautiful blue...cant' wait to hook with it!



I don't remember who hooked this rug (sorry), but it was one of my favorites! I just love the gal's face in the rug with her "thrift store finds"...I think we can all relate! It won a ribbon I believe for "Outstanding". It was outstanding!

Hooked rugs by...guess who? Maria Barton of the Star Rug Company. I missed Maria at the show by one day, but I really enjoyed looking at her rugs. They are always such fun!
I just love this pattern by Maria Barton--Star Rug Company. I don't remember who hooked it, but they made it into a pillow with a shagged wool finish. Too sweet!!

Stay Lively

This display had more of a contemporary theme. Beautiful colors!

August 9, 2009


How in the world can it be 70 degrees with cold, damp, rainy weather yesterday and then 98 degrees???? It is so blasted hot outside, that I am NOT going outside....nope, not to see the grandkids, not to the grocery store, not to a restaurant. I am sitting in the house, watching TV, hooking, and doing some laundry. I know I will regret it tomorrow when I am back at work, but for today it is what I have to do!

I am still hooking away on my rug. Just can't seem to get it done. We have had a busy weekend. Yesterday, we went up to Ubly Michigan (no not "Ugly Michigan!) which is about 70 miles north of Detroit. My husband's cousin & husband celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary....can you imagine? What a blessing! We had such a wonderful time. This lovely couple have raised 11 children and have a total of 58 grand and great grandchildren. Their immediate family consists of 78 people (I may be more, I kind of lost count yesterday). Anyway...we didn't get home until 11:30 last evening. if I don't have enough to do....I am planning a 60th birthday party for my husband. It was one of those things, should I or shouldn't I?? My kids wanted me to rent a hall, have a DJ and all that. Make it a "surprise" party...well, I thought at one time that may have been a cool idea, but the more I thought about it...I decided it was just too much work. So, I have decided have a party in our yard, invite the family, his brother and sisters' families, a few friends, and a couple of his childhood buddies. I think there will probably be about 70 people and that is big enough...NO suprise either...he will be involved. My husband loves a party! Well, at least he loves having family and friends over.

Hope everyone has a nice day...stay cool!