November 13, 2009



Don't you just dream of having an olde fashioned Christmas, in these hectic days of time restraints, modern technology, and commercialism? I often think of Christmas long ago, where the simplest of gifts were so appreciated. An orange, a piece of candy, a simple homemade ragdoll. My mom used to tell me that when she was little, growing up in Alabama, Christmas was a very low-keyed celebration. No Christmas tree, no sparkling wrapped gifts. She and her cousins was so happy to receive an orange and some candy. Of course..could you imagine yourself as a child gettng so little or giving our children only one or two items?

It amazes me how much Christmas still warms my heart. No matter how old I is still a magical season to me. The coziness of our home, being able to see family and friends. And now being able to see the excitement in my grandchildrens' eyes. Some people dread the Holiday Season and can't wait for it to be over...for me....I love every minute of it, dread the day after Christmas and then wait with anticipation for the months ahead knowing that Christmas will be back again!