October 31, 2010


Well...I had hoped to post some pictures of my grandchildren all dressed up for Halloween..I had a party for all of them yesterday...there are nine of them now...but my camera died on me, my husband took pictures with his 35mm and had them put on a CD....but of course, when I tried to load them on my computer, it froze..so I virtually have NO pictures of the kids at this point and they all looked to cute! I do have two pictures before the party.

The table is set with candy and all kinds of goodies for the kids.

I have some pictures of some of the little treasures I have been finding here and there. I'll tell you..it's getting harder and harder to find anything worth buying around here in Michigan. I think all the primitive antiques have left the state.. They must have heard that the chances for adoption were much better in Ohio or Indiana!

I found these two cutting boards a few days ago at a local antique shop..not really old or very prim, but the price was right and they blend in pretty well with my other cutting boards.

I was so excited to find this stocking made by Stein's Country Collection. I have a few pieces from Stein's, but I had not seen this stocking before. Also, this white, chalkware Belsnickle is made and signed by Nyla Murphy dated 1992. I'm not familiar with her work, but he is gorgeous. Both of these pieces were at another antique mall not far from my home.

On the needlework frontier....I have finished stitching a cute little Christmas sampler by Shelley Auen..so sweet, I can't wait to frame it. I am in the process of hooking Mr. Hempenstall, by Maria Barton of Star Rug Company. I just have to do the back ground and finish the edging. I'll post pictures this weekend. I am leaving Friday to go down to Ohio for the Simple Goods show. I am so excited! I haven't' been in a couple of years and hope to meet up with a few friends, plus pick up a few more "treasures"...have a great week!

October 17, 2010


Thank you for all of your kind and supportive comments regarding the passing of my grandma. She will be missed for sure and we will always treasure precious memories...but as her preacher, so nicely but firmly, stated at her funeral service....we can not dwell or live in the past...keep the memories alive....but move on....Once again...thank you for all of your comments..it is truly and deeply appreciated.

Although I aready have two stitching projects in the works..I know...bad...very bad...I purchased two new one..not to mention the new 2010 Christmas Ornament Just Cross Stitch Magazine (there's only about a dozen that I would love to have completed by this Christmas...LOL!) The first one in done in only one color..DMC 3865 stitched on a beautiful navy blue Lugana (my new favorite fabric!) I am going to start this one this week. It's designer is Poppy Kreations.."Silent Night, Holy Night".

The second design is by Brightneedle "Libby Q". I saw the sampler at my local cross stitch shop and fell in love with the colors...they are so subtle. I think it would make a nice gift! I'm going to use a 28 ct Lugana You know me..I can't get much smaller count than 28...I envy all you gals that can stitch with 32 and 36 count..it's called..."Linen envy"! Have a great week and happy stitching!

(Sorry..something happened with my blog background..tried to get it back..but something is wrong with the server??)

October 11, 2010


This is not an ordinary love story....this is a story of an endless, never tiring love between a daughter and her mother. My grandmother, who turned 99 on September 20th, has lived with my mom for the past 8 years. During these eight years, we have watched Grandma go from a very independent woman..still driving until the age of 93..to a woman who had to learn to depend on my mother for even the simplest of things. Although my grandmother's mind was as "sharp as a tack", her poor little body was growing weary. My mom, who at the age of 78, has been her best friend, her caregiver, her constant companion. Grandma always worried about Mom...Mom always worried about Grandma. For the past three years, I witnessed the most loving and giving care a daughter could possibly give to her elderly and frail mother.

This morning, my mom had to make the most difficult decision of her life. My grandma, had been on life support for the past few days. In our hearts, we knew she would never come home, but my mom always had hope...today, mom was ready to let her go. Grandma went so peacefully, with mom, myself & my husband, my two brothers, and her great grandchildren surrounding her bed...all saying prayers and quietly telling her how much they love her and will miss her. My mom was the bravest of all....she never left her bedside, holding her hand, telling her everything would be alright.

My youngest son said it was the end of an era..but I thought later that it was a continuation of an era...she left a lifetime of love and wonderful memories. I hope I will be able to show the same love and patience to my family as my mom did over the past few years to her mom and my grandma to her....it was truly a story of love....

My grandma...We love you and will miss you so much.