December 30, 2010


It's hard to believe, but another year has come and gone. We are having a small gathering at our house tomorrow evening. Just a few couples to help ring in the New Year. I don't know how I am going to get everything, preparing food, laundry..and trying my best to fit in a facial at a local spa! Yep..gotta end the year with some pampering!!

I'm really getting anxious to get all the Christmas decorations down and trying to get back into our normal routine. I haven't picked up a needle, rug hook, or any other form of needlework since Thanksgiving...and I had so many plans! Oh well...thankfully, with all the football games this weekend, I am hoping to be able to do some serious hooking!

Here's hoping everyone has a bright and blessed New Year!

December 8, 2010


Well..I think I am done least for today! Here are some pictures from around my house. Keep in mind, I am not a very good photographer and of course, the lighting isn't always the best but I hope you enjoy!

A close up of my mantle. My friend Patty, Dogpatch Primitives, came over today and we had the best time making these little sheep. I still have to paint the eyes on them, but I couldn't wait to show them.
My living room...

A cherished Santa I purchased a long time ago. Made by Christine Crocker of Deerfield Farmhouse.
My little collection of cutting boards.

My old white rocking horse and my most favorite Santa made by Patty.
Hope you enjoyed a little tour of my home. It's not very big...or very old....but it has been a wonderful home to me and my family for the past 22 years. Have a nice evening!!

December 6, 2010


I finally feel like I accomplished something!! YIPPEE!! My first rug of the season! It seems like it took me sooo long to finish..I am not a fast hooker anyway, but I just don't seem to have the time in the evening to do anything anymore, plus..I get started on something else. I think I have a's called "Overwhelmed-ness"! I love this little snowman pattern by Maria Barton of Star Rug company..he was so easy to hook. I love Maria's designs..they are just so darn sweet! I know a lot of hookers have hooked this rug this season....he is adorable...Mr. Hempenstall. I am giving this as a gift to a dear friend.'s onward to my Antique Santa and Reindeer by Maria. Hopefully, I'll get it done before Christmas..

December 1, 2010


My's so cold here in Michigan. We had a few snow flurries this morning and it was so pretty...but it didn't stick around for long. I have been hooking, stitching and decorating this past week. I finished my Mr. Hempenstal rug by Maria Barton from the Star Rug company...well...almost. I have to finish the edging. I really love the design and it was so easy to hook. Next, I am hooking her Antique Reproduction Santa and Reindeer. I bought it last year at Sauder, but haven't got around to hooking it yet.

I have done some decorating around the house, and hope to post some pictures by the weekend. I am not a good picture taker, but I will do my best. I bought some new pieces for my living room (a small side table and a blanket rid of my glass tables...what was I thinking???)....I still have to the the kitchen, but I don't think I am going to put a lot of Christmas in's too much work taking it all down. I guess I'm getting lazy in my old age! I bought the stockings this morning at a nearby antique mall. I thought they were so cute..."Dad and Mom".

November 25, 2010


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day! I know I am over stuffed and pooped! It's fun to have everyone over, but it sure is a lot of work getting everything done so we can all sit down together and eat! Every year I say "Next year, I'm going to a restaurant"...I know I won't after all, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving if I couldn't be with my family.

Anyway.. three of my four sons ran in the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot this morning. It is a 5K run and they did really well. Pictured is Nathan, Shane, and Jeff. Shane is a marathon runner, Nate is a 1/2 marathoner, and this was Jeff's first race. I would love to be able to run in just one race..but I'm too old and way too out of shape. I would probably be one of the people laying on the side of the road gasping for air after the 1st 20 feet! Oh my next life! Have a great night everyone!

November 21, 2010

Brady's Birthday

Today we celebrated Brady's 3rd birthday. That's him in front of the cake, along with his mom, his older sister Karsyn, and then his little little brother Parker with my daughter, Renee. It was at a place called "Jungle Java" and personally...I hope to NEVER go there again it was packed wall to wall with people. I soon as we walked in my son said, "Mom..we are having the cake now and we are getting the heck out of's terrible!" I think it was the fastest birthday party in history...thank God! I don't think my brain could have taken two hours of it!! Here's some more pics...just have to show the grandchildren every once in a while!
This is Sebastian and Gabriel..sitting waiting anxiously for cake and ice cream..thankfully they didn't have to wait too long!

This is little Miss you can see by her face..she is really enjoying herself!

Last, but not my youngest son, Jeff, holding the youngest of the 9 grandbabies..Charlotte. She is so sweet..always smiling and always looking to grab whatever she can with those lightening fast hands! I was unable to get a picture of my little grandson Jacob...he was too busy playing and his little sister, Isabel was home recovering from a fever. It's never dull when these cousins get together!

November 15, 2010


I have had the pleasure of having a 4 day weekend this past weekend, with virtually no I have been sewing, hooking, and lastly rearranging and cleaning. I'm never in the mood to do it after work so I thought I would take advantage of my small and far between bursts of energy!

First, is my entryway. It is a difficult area to decorate due to the long wall, but I have to make the most of it:

This poor little high back dry sink I have had for about 15 years. I tried and tried to sell....even give it away, but there were no takers. I figured out it was a bit to I left it on my back porch a couple years, let it peel and crack. Then brought it in yesterday...sanded it and added a thin coat of Tudor Brown Briwax. I took off the porcelain knobs and some other trim. I can't decide it I want to slap a coat of paint on it or leave it be.

This is one little corner in living room...another difficult area to decorate because my furniture is in the center of the room, so no matter what...there is always a chair or couch back to it. This pie safe, I purchased at Malabar this fall rather inexpensively. It was golden pine color with really shiny copper tin panels. I brought it home and sanded it, and then applied my favorite Briwax all over, including the punched copper. I think it looks pretty good.

I found a permanent home for my Annie doll and I found a way to darken her white eyeballs...again...did I mention Tudor Brown Briwax?
This was the "before" word...Briwax...

November 14, 2010


I was so fortunate, after not being able to attend the Simple Goods Show, that I was able to purchase one of Jackie Schmidt's dolls from her picture trail this past week. I just love Jackie's dolls! They are so simplistic in appearance, yet their little faces say a thousand words. I love this little angel tree topper. I think she will look wonderful on my twig tree this Christmas. The larger one on the left, is Annie. I had purchased a pattern from Jackie about two months ago and finally had enough time yesterday morning to actually make her. Now Annie's face doesn't look near as good as the looks like she has no mouth (she's just dark), and her eyes look as though she has seen a ghost (I had to redo them three times)..but her dress turned out splendid..I added some little antique shoe buttons at the top. I stuffed her with cotton batting. I have Annie holding a little cross stitch sampler that I stitched about 25 years ago it says:


So...this was my second attempt at making a doll from a pattern and it was quite enjoyable! I am hoping I can improve on the the facial features of my next one,so she doesn't look so scary,but for now, Annie will sit with pride next to my small but growing collection of black rag dolls!

November 10, 2010


Last Friday, my husband and I were heading down to the Simple Goods Show so we decided to make our way through Medina and Seville Ohio first. Here are a couple of pictures of things I picked up along the way:

First..I would like to share a couple of photos of the beautiful sampler I purchased at Seville Antiques in Seville Ohio. I love this primitive, antique shop! They have the best antiques. Every dealer has a little room set up, displaying their wares in the most beautiful, primitive makes you feel like you are in an early New England Saltbox home...

It's dated 1939 with the initials W.T.B. at the top. I love the poem about friendship.

We also stopped at Three Brothers Antique Annex just south of downtown Medina. They have such a large selection of primitives!! I spotted this set of pantry boxes and of course just had to have them! They were my splurge for the trip...

Well...we never did make it to the Simple Goods show...that Friday afternoon we had to return home due to a family emergency. But all seems to be a little better we are shooting for next year. I know we missed a great show and really missed seeing a lot of good friends....but when it comes to have to follow your heart. Take care and have a good week.....

October 31, 2010


Well...I had hoped to post some pictures of my grandchildren all dressed up for Halloween..I had a party for all of them yesterday...there are nine of them now...but my camera died on me, my husband took pictures with his 35mm and had them put on a CD....but of course, when I tried to load them on my computer, it I virtually have NO pictures of the kids at this point and they all looked to cute! I do have two pictures before the party.

The table is set with candy and all kinds of goodies for the kids.

I have some pictures of some of the little treasures I have been finding here and there. I'll tell's getting harder and harder to find anything worth buying around here in Michigan. I think all the primitive antiques have left the state.. They must have heard that the chances for adoption were much better in Ohio or Indiana!

I found these two cutting boards a few days ago at a local antique shop..not really old or very prim, but the price was right and they blend in pretty well with my other cutting boards.

I was so excited to find this stocking made by Stein's Country Collection. I have a few pieces from Stein's, but I had not seen this stocking before. Also, this white, chalkware Belsnickle is made and signed by Nyla Murphy dated 1992. I'm not familiar with her work, but he is gorgeous. Both of these pieces were at another antique mall not far from my home.

On the needlework frontier....I have finished stitching a cute little Christmas sampler by Shelley sweet, I can't wait to frame it. I am in the process of hooking Mr. Hempenstall, by Maria Barton of Star Rug Company. I just have to do the back ground and finish the edging. I'll post pictures this weekend. I am leaving Friday to go down to Ohio for the Simple Goods show. I am so excited! I haven't' been in a couple of years and hope to meet up with a few friends, plus pick up a few more "treasures"...have a great week!

October 17, 2010


Thank you for all of your kind and supportive comments regarding the passing of my grandma. She will be missed for sure and we will always treasure precious memories...but as her preacher, so nicely but firmly, stated at her funeral service....we can not dwell or live in the past...keep the memories alive....but move on....Once again...thank you for all of your is truly and deeply appreciated.

Although I aready have two stitching projects in the works..I know...bad...very bad...I purchased two new one..not to mention the new 2010 Christmas Ornament Just Cross Stitch Magazine (there's only about a dozen that I would love to have completed by this Christmas...LOL!) The first one in done in only one color..DMC 3865 stitched on a beautiful navy blue Lugana (my new favorite fabric!) I am going to start this one this week. It's designer is Poppy Kreations.."Silent Night, Holy Night".

The second design is by Brightneedle "Libby Q". I saw the sampler at my local cross stitch shop and fell in love with the colors...they are so subtle. I think it would make a nice gift! I'm going to use a 28 ct Lugana You know me..I can't get much smaller count than 28...I envy all you gals that can stitch with 32 and 36's called..."Linen envy"! Have a great week and happy stitching!

(Sorry..something happened with my blog background..tried to get it back..but something is wrong with the server??)

October 11, 2010


This is not an ordinary love story....this is a story of an endless, never tiring love between a daughter and her mother. My grandmother, who turned 99 on September 20th, has lived with my mom for the past 8 years. During these eight years, we have watched Grandma go from a very independent woman..still driving until the age of a woman who had to learn to depend on my mother for even the simplest of things. Although my grandmother's mind was as "sharp as a tack", her poor little body was growing weary. My mom, who at the age of 78, has been her best friend, her caregiver, her constant companion. Grandma always worried about Mom...Mom always worried about Grandma. For the past three years, I witnessed the most loving and giving care a daughter could possibly give to her elderly and frail mother.

This morning, my mom had to make the most difficult decision of her life. My grandma, had been on life support for the past few days. In our hearts, we knew she would never come home, but my mom always had, mom was ready to let her go. Grandma went so peacefully, with mom, myself & my husband, my two brothers, and her great grandchildren surrounding her bed...all saying prayers and quietly telling her how much they love her and will miss her. My mom was the bravest of all....she never left her bedside, holding her hand, telling her everything would be alright.

My youngest son said it was the end of an era..but I thought later that it was a continuation of an era...she left a lifetime of love and wonderful memories. I hope I will be able to show the same love and patience to my family as my mom did over the past few years to her mom and my grandma to was truly a story of love....

My grandma...We love you and will miss you so much.

September 25, 2010


Good morning..I am so glad that it is Saturday. This was one of the longest weeks in least to me! Lots of activity going around our homestead, not to mention I "earned" my first speeding ticket on Monday afternoon. I was so nervous I couldn't even get my license out of my wallet!

Anyway..I had been wanting to rearrange my mantle and wall for the fall. I had a mirror hanging for about 2 years and had grown tired of it. I bought a large and medium grapevine wreath (Hobby Lobby has them 1/2 off this week), wired the smaller one inside the larger and then added some beautiful bittersweet vines from my sweet friend Terri, of "Eat Crow Primitives". She gave me a few bunches of it last week at Malabar, but it wasn't quite ready yet. I left it on my backporch till it turned it's wonderful color and stuck it inside the wreath. I also added a little sewing bird box, made by Tina from "Early America the 1815 Shoppe, just for interest. The little covered clock in the middle of the mantle (show in the larger picture) was a gift from my second son Shane and his wife Jennifer on the day they were married. I love that little clock! Plus, they had it engraved. It will always be a treasure.

I am off to sit with my 99 year old grandma this morning, so my mom can get some shopping done and just get out of the house. Granny became ill right before her birthday on Monday and had to be hospitalized, but was released a few days later. She really is to the point where she cannot be left alone between my brothers and myself, we are going to help out as much as possible. I hope you all have a wonderful is finally a nice, cool autumn morning here in Michigan! Take care....

September 20, 2010


My new kitchen scrub top table.

I purchased this table from nice young couple in the barn at Malabar. I think their name was "Simple Goods Primitives". Anyway..I am crazy for scrub top tables and have been looking for one for my kitchen and came across this one. Even my husband liked it. I had a little bistro table before..this one is much more practical. The top of the table is over 100 years old, but the table legs are newly made. It has a nice clean edge to it.

This is my beautiful Stacy Nash sewing pocket. I was so thrilled to meet Stacy and even more thrilled to buy one of her finished samplers. This was a birthday gift from my husband to me (of course I picked it out!)It was my big splurge! Well, besides the table..I really did have a good day!

September 19, 2010


Whew..I am still on Malabar high! What a great time we was an awesome show! Carolyn and Julie Thorton did an amazing job in making sure the vendors were happy with their setups. Any questions or concerns, they were right on top of it! I know they have to be exhausted today! Thank you Carolyn and Julie for all of your hard work! Of course, I had so much fun buying as well as selling! My Malabar neighbor, Terri, Eat Crow Primitives, and I hit is off really well as we did last year..I think even our husband's had a blast! She is simple the best neighbor to have! Terri was really helpful in helping me price some of my items, because for me, it's just a guessing game and I always need help in that department! I was able to shop quite a bit yesterday and found some really good buys. I met and talked with Stacy Nash and bought one of her finished pieces with which I am just thrilled. It was a birthday gift to myself! My friend Melissa, drove down from Cleveland to the show and we were able to shop together for quite a little while and visit. She bought a couple of really nice items and of course wool from Alice Frazier's booth.

It was so nice to see friends from BLESTB and AAPG...Karin, Kaye, Julie, Sherry, and Lauren! It's always nice to see all of them..seems we only get to meet at antique shows or rug hooking shows! are some pictures from the show of the booths that were around me. I'll post more pictures tomorrow of some of the items I bought...did I ever mention that I am a table finatic?? Terri's booth...stocked with all kinds of wonderful scented wax ornaments, stitcheries, painted goods, and beautiful live plants and topiaries. I love all of her early cupboards!Beautiful original cross stitch designs by Lee of Falling Star Primitives.

I didn't get the name of this vendor, but I really loved her booth! Just look at the entrance to her space! How original! She had really nice offerings and was just about sold out at the end of the show.

September 15, 2010


Getting ready for the "In The Spirit of Friends Show" at Malabar Farms this Saturday!
It was so much fun last year, getting to see old friends and making new friends. I really enjoy being able to participate in this show. I love seeing all of the artists and antique dealers with their wares...and of course, not to mention shopping. This year there are even more vendors than last year so it should be even more fun!

I have been making some items for the show, but of course, my main focus is on selling primitive, early goods. I hope to see you down is a wonderful, wonderful show! Just look for Union Star Primitives. I'll be there with my cracked, walnut stained hands..and of course my wonderful hubby!!

August 29, 2010


My primitive browns and faded, antique blacks.

My favorite!

I've been busy!!! Getting ready for the "IN THE SPIRIT OF FRIENDS SHOW" in September....just 3 short weeks away..YIKES!! I have been stitching, painting, creating for the past 2 months. I had ordered some beautiful reproduction fabrics online..but then checked in my own little cabinet and forgot the reproduction fabrics I already had in my stash...well.....maybe I didn't forget...maybe I just wanted to buy more..whatever the excuse..or addiction..I spent the afternoon washing and softening the entire pile. Then I had to sit back and just look at it and sigh..silly, huh? I know I am not alone...and I know I will probably NEVER use all the fabric I have, but for now..I am having fun with it!

August 21, 2010


My friend, Melissa and I went to the wonderful, words-cannot-express, rug hooking exhibit at Sauder Village this past week. I have been every year for the past six years and this was, by far, the biggest and the best! I took lots of pictures and would have taken more...but my battery died the very first day. I posted what I did take so sit back, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy. I apologize for not getting the hooker's names or the designers, but I am sure most of you will know who they are. The first few pictures are the amazing and unbelievable work of Mary Shepard Burton and Leonard Feenam. The Noah's Ark was just beautiful..what a true labor of love! Click on the photos for a larger view. Enjoy!

I was mesmerized by this simple green cape. It was in the exhibit by Mary Shepard Burton as well. My picture just does not do it justice. The green beading around the botton of the cape was outstanding.

This is one of the most outstanding hooked rugs I have ever seen. It was hooked by Donna Hrkman. It was hooked to resemble the old "brown and off white" tin type photos. Her colors and shading were amazing. It was so looked like a photo!
A complete wall was dedicated showing different ways to finish rugs. This was had braiding and all typed of needlework intertwined with hooking. Beautiful colors!

This is one of my favorite rug designs from an antique rug adapted by Barb Carroll. I simply love the "simplicity" of the design and colors in the rug.

I love how these hookers made these rug/figures!! They are precious..especially the ones sitting.

Another rug hooked by the phenomenal Donna Hrkman. This rug almost brought tears to my eyes. The look of sadness and grief on the old soldier's face, made me wonder whose folded American Flag he is clutching so tightly to his soul. If rugs could talk...what a story they would tell...My favorite Santa rug. And antique rug adapted by Maria Barton. I have this rug, but haven't started it yet..bought it last year at Sauder...determined to get it done by this Christmas!

I have a few more pics to post, but I'm tired and going to bed! I will be back this week to show off the wool Melissa and I purchased plus a few other goodies too! Thanks for visiting my blog!