December 30, 2010


It's hard to believe, but another year has come and gone. We are having a small gathering at our house tomorrow evening. Just a few couples to help ring in the New Year. I don't know how I am going to get everything, preparing food, laundry..and trying my best to fit in a facial at a local spa! Yep..gotta end the year with some pampering!!

I'm really getting anxious to get all the Christmas decorations down and trying to get back into our normal routine. I haven't picked up a needle, rug hook, or any other form of needlework since Thanksgiving...and I had so many plans! Oh well...thankfully, with all the football games this weekend, I am hoping to be able to do some serious hooking!

Here's hoping everyone has a bright and blessed New Year!

December 8, 2010


Well..I think I am done least for today! Here are some pictures from around my house. Keep in mind, I am not a very good photographer and of course, the lighting isn't always the best but I hope you enjoy!

A close up of my mantle. My friend Patty, Dogpatch Primitives, came over today and we had the best time making these little sheep. I still have to paint the eyes on them, but I couldn't wait to show them.
My living room...

A cherished Santa I purchased a long time ago. Made by Christine Crocker of Deerfield Farmhouse.
My little collection of cutting boards.

My old white rocking horse and my most favorite Santa made by Patty.
Hope you enjoyed a little tour of my home. It's not very big...or very old....but it has been a wonderful home to me and my family for the past 22 years. Have a nice evening!!

December 6, 2010


I finally feel like I accomplished something!! YIPPEE!! My first rug of the season! It seems like it took me sooo long to finish..I am not a fast hooker anyway, but I just don't seem to have the time in the evening to do anything anymore, plus..I get started on something else. I think I have a's called "Overwhelmed-ness"! I love this little snowman pattern by Maria Barton of Star Rug company..he was so easy to hook. I love Maria's designs..they are just so darn sweet! I know a lot of hookers have hooked this rug this season....he is adorable...Mr. Hempenstall. I am giving this as a gift to a dear friend.'s onward to my Antique Santa and Reindeer by Maria. Hopefully, I'll get it done before Christmas..

December 1, 2010


My's so cold here in Michigan. We had a few snow flurries this morning and it was so pretty...but it didn't stick around for long. I have been hooking, stitching and decorating this past week. I finished my Mr. Hempenstal rug by Maria Barton from the Star Rug company...well...almost. I have to finish the edging. I really love the design and it was so easy to hook. Next, I am hooking her Antique Reproduction Santa and Reindeer. I bought it last year at Sauder, but haven't got around to hooking it yet.

I have done some decorating around the house, and hope to post some pictures by the weekend. I am not a good picture taker, but I will do my best. I bought some new pieces for my living room (a small side table and a blanket rid of my glass tables...what was I thinking???)....I still have to the the kitchen, but I don't think I am going to put a lot of Christmas in's too much work taking it all down. I guess I'm getting lazy in my old age! I bought the stockings this morning at a nearby antique mall. I thought they were so cute..."Dad and Mom".