March 25, 2010


Today is our 38th Wedding Anniversary and we are heading off to Ligonier PA! We don't know exactly what's down there....but I have heard from reliable sources that it is a really nice place to visit! I made our reservations last evening and we are hoping there will be a lot of sight seeing, shopping, and eating involved. We had planned on leaving this morning, but my husband had a prior commitment he totally forgot'll be leaving in the early morning hours..he thinks about 4:30 am....I don't think so...maybe 6....we'll see!

I am hoping to go a couple hours west and visit Grant Street Woolworks in Chambersburg..might be might only chance for wool!!! My friend Kathy, there and the pictures she has posted on her blog of the shop looks absolutely wonderful!! I am hoping to go to the Coverlet Museum that Mary, another AAPG friend, recommended. I know there is lots and lots to see..can you tell I'm excited??

March 20, 2010


Whew...what a week!!! I hate, hate, hate to wish my life away....but it seems like more and more, I'm wishing for Friday evenings to be here, so I can have MY Saturday!! Now it's not like I have such big plans for this day..but it is the day I can errands...clean, rearrange...enjoy the day with my husband. The weather was beautiful and "beyond" springlike here in Michigan. Yesterday, I babysat for three of my grandchildren and we went on such a long walk. My daughter pushed the stroller with Parker, the 11 month old...Brady..who's 2, pushed his little lawn mower, and then Karsyn who's 4 1/2, was just totally amazed with the pinecone's that had fallen off the trees. I think we walked for over a mile just enjoying the beauty of the day.

Today, I have laundry to do and some cleaning. My ebay group, AAPG, has it's monthly retreat. This month it's creating or working on a project with flowers, baskets...etc...anything "spring". So I already have something in mind. I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday and do the things you truly love to do!

March 14, 2010


I love this rug!!! It is hooked by Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios. The design is from Lori Brechlin, Notforgotten Farm, & adapted for hooking by Kris. I love the colors Kris has is so soft. Kris has such a way with making colors just blend so beautifully! It is a nice mix of pale buttery yellows, browns, greens, and lavenders. It is definitely on my "to-do" list! For even more "eye candy" go to Kris' to see the rugs she has posted. She is on a mission to post a rug per day for the entire month of March! If that doesn't get your hooking fingers itching...nothing will!!

One of the gals from Thrums and Chums, Elaine, makes these gorgeous rug hooks. Elaine is a traditional rug hooker, using narrow cuts...and I mean narrow! Her finished rugs looks like oil paintings...they are just beautiful! Anyway...this rug hook is made from an antique manicure tool, sterling silver, from the "Art Noveau" era. is a naked lady...if you look close enough! The pic is kind of blurry..sorry! Beautiful, Elaine...just beautiful! Oh...and BTW....I am almost finished with my Maggie B. rug. As soon as I can..I will post pictures of it!

March 2, 2010


Well..I thought I would be done with my Maggie B. rug, by now..but as gets in the way..If I could only win the Lotto, I could quit my day job and hook till my heart's content! I have 1/2 of the background done (more than is shown in the picture below). I started using an antique black wool in the background, but it didn't make the colors of the leaves, the flowers, and bird "pop", so I "unhooked" background, and rehooked with a deeper black brown wool and am much happier with the result. I have realized, that I enjoy working with a thicker, bulkier wool and also using a #9 width.
My Magdalena rug is still in the works, but my Maggie rug is the one that will hang in the eating area of my kitchen. I am planning to repaint my kitchen and cupboards (YUCK!)and would like to coordinate the colors used in this rug. So, it's really important I get this project done, if it is finished by the middle of April, I would like to put it in the exhibit for the Saline Hook In in April here in Michigan...but we'll see....the rate I'm going, it might be next April before I'm done!

The darker shade of wool worms, are the ones that I settled with for my background..the paler, more greyish/black worms are the ones I was not quite as fond of as the hooking progressed. This is the largest rug I have ever attemped to hook, so I'm sure, finishing this piece will be loads of fun!!