February 27, 2009

Penny Rug I stitched up last spring



One of my true pleasures with my needle and thread, is the art of wool applique or penny rugs. Wool is one of the most beautiful and natural fibers to work with. The colors, the textures, the buttery soft feel against your fingers when stitching a design. I adore the fact that wool, when felted, lends itself to perfecting the most of imperfections. A circle that isn't exact, corners that are not concisely squared off, or a flower whose curves are not symetrical. The most simple and child like designs can be made into the most wonderful creations!

February 26, 2009

February 25, 2009

Antique Thread Boxes

I just love antique thread boxes! I have also heard them referred to as sewing boxes, spool holders...whatever the name...they ARE so charming! I love the fact that they were made for women to lovingly hold their sewing necessities..be it needles, pins, fabric, threads. These were and still are, such sewing needfuls! Each box has their own personality and could probably tell a story or two about the women who used them each and every day. Most of them were hand-made or "make-do" pieces probably as a gift to a mother or a young lady just beginning her needlework journey. These little treasures are getting more difficult to find. Over the years, I have picked these two boxes up at flea markets here in Michigan. I have had them displayed in my living room and now they rest quietly in my sewing room. Too many curious little hands wanting to "touch and explore" them! If any of you have these little sewing necessities, I am sure you treasure them as much as I do!

Antique Thread Holder


Old Spool Holders

I love this little spool holder/sewing box. I purchased at a flea market in Allegan Michigan about 4 years ago. It is from the 1800's and all original. The top is a lovely blue and white check homespun that has been lovingly used over and over again. It is stuffed with cotton seed batting. The barn red pain is original with it's tiny little black wooden drawer knobs. I store my cross stitch needles and wax in the drawers.

Early Spool Holder


February 13, 2009


WOW....What a week! I worked in the pre-op area for two days and then the recovery room for the other two days and I feel like a whipped puppy! Now, don't get me wrong, I love doing what I do. I'm 56 and I can run with the big dogs and the young ones too, but for some reason, this week there must have been a full moon every evening!! And like every hospital in the country...we have a nursing shortage. Our hospital system has a hiring freeze on because of the economy but it sure would be nice to have additional help! A coworker of mine always says, "They want champagne service on a beer budget!". LOL!! I am very thankful that I at least have a job & I thank God every day that He has allowed me to do what I do....but goodness gracious....I hope it doesn't kill me before I get to retire!!!

I mean...I have all this stitching planned. I keep buying charts, threads, fabric...all just waiting for the time I retire (I certainly don't have time to do it now). I have arranged and rearranged my supplies for easy access just in case my eyes & my mind start to go!! I have antique picture frames poking out all over the place just waiting for those prized reproduction samplers that I am going to make!

This evening, don't ask me why....but I decided to clean out my sewing room. The winter blahs have been around way too long....time to go lighter and brighter! Tomorrow I am heading off to Joann Fabrics to find some floral fabric to make curtains. then I think I might even try making a skirt to go around my sewing table for a little extra flair! Of course...this all sounds really good tonight...tomorrow will probably be a different story!

February 8, 2009


I have been away from my blog far too long. For those who blog, you already know that it requires time and thought before putting it down on "paper". Well, I haven't really been up to too much. My daughter has had some additional health issues steming from the anti-rejection medications she is required to take. We just spent a lovely, but cold week at the Cleveland Clinic where she was admitted. The meds that Renee is taking, just do not seem to be pleasing to her body. Her new pancreas loves them.....but her kidneys HATE them! They revolt constantly and unfortunately, for her, she ends up getting really sick. But...I just still think it is still a miraculous and wonderful blessing with this transplant. We pray everyday that she will get used to the meds and everything will straighten out. I know other people have gone through the same thing....it just takes time and patience....and a LOT of prayers!

Well. on to stitching....I am stitching the most beautiful sampler from Beehive Needleworks. I have been stitching and stitching. Last week, I put my stitching in an vintage sewing bag made from what appears to be hand-loomed fabric. It is the most beautiful berry-red with wonderfully, worn wooden handles. I figure it had to made in the 1930's or 40's. All hand stitched together with a beautiful, pale blue fabric lining. To make a long story, short. I had the bag with my stitching when we down to Cleveland. I left it in the front seat, on the floor board...BIG MISTAKE!!! From my shoes being wet from melted snow, the water ran onto this lovely bag and the beautiful red ran on to my sampler! I tried my best to get it out, bought every concoction known to man, and the pale red still did not wash out of my linen...I wanted to cry...all that stitching! But when I looked at it, after it had dried...I felt a certain calm. It no longer bothered me that I had a pale red spot on my linen. I realized that everytime I look at my sampler, I will be reminded of our trip to Cleveland and the "mini-vacation" we had in the dead of winter and the new hope of a wonderful and healthy life for a loved one.