April 6, 2011


After having so many issues with my template and posting and then things dissappearing I have opened a new blog..same name...just with the word "The" in front of it..So if you could all be so kind to change my new blog to your blog list, I would appreciate it! Thank you!!

The Evening Stitcher


April 5, 2011


Well...I really did it this time. I tried to use the templates that BLogger has to offer and I totally wiped out my blog. I can't get my "design" button back, I can't get my other pictures back. It's such a mess. I have been working on it all evening. I'm thinking of closing this blog and starting another one so I can use the kind of backgrounds I want...I don't know why things have to be so difficult! Oh well...tomorrow is another day!!

April 4, 2011

I finally finished my anniversary rug..yippee!! I edged it with 100% wool yarn in a black brown, pressed it and it's ready to hang. I'm always anxious to move on to the next project, even though I hook rather slowly. I hooked the entire rug in a 9 cut. And I must say...I really really love the reversible charcoal wool. The different shades of the brown/black make your rug look so antique. This was such a fun rug to hook..easy!