July 28, 2010


I don't know what has gotten into me, but I just can't seem to get enough time to stitch. Ever since I went to Lori's home and seen all of her beautiful samplers..I just want to make them all! The above small sampler on my header is a Stacy Nash design. I stitched it on 14 count, hand-dyed linen using my favorite DMC blues. I painted the frame in "Calypso Blue" by Americana Paints and then grunged it up a bit using Brewax in Tudor Brown. The big mistake I made, however, and I vow NEVER to do it again...was to use a peel and stick board to adhere my fabric too. WHAT WAS I THINKING??? I have never done that before..I always use the lacing technique for all of my projects..I guess I was in a hurry.

I am now cross stitching a long sampler "Zilpha C. Moss" designed by Linda Gillon. I purchased the pattern at "The Country Sampler" in Spring Green WI a few weeks ago on our vacation. They had the finished product hanging on their wall and I fell in love with it. I am stitching it on 28 ct. Platinum Lugana. I didn't think I would be able to stitch on this fabric..because my eyes can't focus that well...but actually it is more like an even weave...so skipping every other hole isn't so bad! Of course...I don't know how long this one will take me. I know after I go to Sauder in a few weeks, I'll be back to rug hooking. Maybe if I don't go into work, don't sleep at night, and spend every moment stitching...I can get it done by the fall! I am such a slow stitcher.

July 25, 2010


Yesterday morning, after working all week, my husband decided that we were not going to stay in the house on a Saturday..especially when they had been calling for severe weather on and off all day. We figured we couldn't work in the yard, which we are both sick of anyway..so he asked if I would like to go to Medina Ohio for the day...WHAT????? Are you kidding???? We hadn't been on one of our little day trips in a long time (not counting our trip to the UP of course!). So off we went..it is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from my house.

Our first stop, was Liberty Station Antiques located off of Rt. 18, near the Root Candle shop...which is huge..not the antique shop, but the candle shop. I bought a couple of little goodies there, including the garden bench pictured below ($6!)then I bought a really cute little wall box for only $5. After that, we went to 3 Brother's Antique Mall..there are two shops next to each other and they have gorgeous primitives.

Then...the best of the best...Seville Antiques...located also on Rt. 3 about 15 miles out of Medina. This shop has the best primitives I think I have ever seen! Another one out of my price range..but I always manage to find a little something. This time I found an early breadboard and purchased Judy Condon's latest book. The lady that own the shop is so sweet. If you go to: http://www.picturetrail.com/theprimitivestitcher, the beautiful picturetrail of Linda Babb's, you can see this antique shop..she took tons of pictures when she was there on vacation. A feast for the eyes!

Lastly...we went to the Medina Antique Mall, right off of I-71. This mall is super huge and has a mix of all periods and styles of antiques. I bought a couple of pieces of linen for stitching, but my biggest find, were my glass jars. The man who has the booth sells mostly antique, primitive jars, glasses, and advertising memorabilia. He gave me a nice price on both of them. Then my husband bought the little rocking chair, for the grandkids. We now have three of them in the living room, but this one is by far, my favorite.

The darker bread board, standing up against the backsplash, is the one I purchased in Seville. The two wider jars on the end, I have had for many years, and now the two taller ones compliment them.

The little rocker in my living room, looking quite comfy with "Lydia" and my Sampler pincushion...both hand made by Lori Rippey of Homespun Prims by Lori.

July 22, 2010


Tina's display of her primitive, antique wooden bowls on her dining room table.

My collection of antique wooden bowls...wish I had the antique table Tina had in her dining room!

After visiting Tina's beautiful saltbox in Wisconsin..I couldn't wait to get home. She has such a lovely way of displaying her primitives...ways I never would have even thought of! I had all kinds of decorating ideas running through my head!! One of the displays Tina had, was her old wooden bowls. She had them placed in an old, primitive wooden box, just very simply sitting on her dining room table..BEAUTIFUL!

So...when I got home, the first thing I did was run to the basement, dust off my wooden bowls....clean the cobwebs off of my primitive, antique dough box (that has been sitting in the cellar for over a year)and put them all on my table! I love it..of course the husband just kind of rolls his eyes but he always goes along with the flow!

July 17, 2010


I just had to post something about my two, early fabric covered books. They are in the most wonderful blue, early fabrics. I have had them for several years. They were the only two I have come across in my antiqueing ventures over the years....both purchased at different places and at different times.

The larger book on the right, was purchased at an antique show in Ann Arbor several years ago. It was a bit pricey, but when I opened the front cover..I was blown away! Inside was a crudely written name "Bobbie Shane". Now..first of all..I didn't think Bobbie (my name) was that common of a name but the last name "Shane", just happens to be my second oldest son! I knew it was meant for me! I know that the signature is not as old as the book...but I still thought it was a strange coincidence...

The small book I found at a little mall by my house about 10 years ago. There is a really cute poem on the front page:

And when looking thru this book, I found a couple of old newspaper articles that someone thought was important enough to save..something about taking care of your body and your babies. Then I found the paper cutout of this beautiful Victorian Lady.

Thank you to all for reading my blog..I really appreciate hearing from you!

July 16, 2010


I love this little chair!! I found it in Florence WI last week. Although the pictures really do not show it...it is a beautiful dark blue..such a sweet chair!

These are two bread boards I found at the Goodwill shop in Iron Mountain..in addition I found some really nice small wooden picture frames. The tin wall sconces I found at an antique mall here in Michigan two weeks ago. I had seen them over two months ago and didn't buy them..when I went back..they were still there. I don't have any idea where I am going to put them..but I'm sure I'll find a place!

Lastly...this is a Stacy Nash design I am working on. It is from her new design "Peacock Sewing Roll". I am stitching it on hand-dyed 14 count linen. I am using my favorite blues from DMC, 924 & 926. I am making it into a small sampler to hang next to my blue cupboard.

July 13, 2010


Tina is one of the most talented, creative, and energetic woman I think I have ever met! This cupboard was handmade by her...I just love it!!! She told us that she made this cupboard, hooked a rug and painted a room, all within a few days!! Whew! Of course her husband was out of town at the time...but my goodness!! I couldn't build a cupboard if my husband was out of town for a year..much less do anything else! I showed the pictures to my husband and asked if he could help me build one (yeah, right), and he just rolled his eyes. Then I told him it would be great for his(notice I said "his") DVD's. So he's like, "hmm..maybe". We'll see...I would sure love to have one..if not for his DVD's..then for my wool??

July 12, 2010


What a wonderful week! My husband & I took a little vacation and went everywhere from Shipshawana IN, St. Joseph's MI, Spring Green, WI and then up to the Upper Pennisula of Michigan. We had a family reunion on Saturday in Iron Mountain, but I was also able to visit and go traveling with my friend, Lori Rippey. We stayed at a wonderful hotel in Iron River not far from Lori's and was able to visit with her and her husband on Thursday afternoon. I just love Lori's house!!! It is so inspiring...her quilts, her rugs, her dolls, not to mention the way she has everything to tastefully arranged. It is a feast for the eyes! Most of you have been on her picturetrail..but the pictures really do not do it justice..it is wonderful!! On Friday, Lori and I drove to Appleton WI to the home of Tina from Early America 1815 and met up with some other ladies for a day of shopping and fun.

Tina's home is so beautiful. Warm and inviting. We traveled in two cars, there were 6 of us in the first car and then 2 other ladies followed. I don't think we ever stopped chatting..sometimes there were at least 3 different conversations going at once!! I have posted lots of pictures below..so I hope everyone enjoys!!

This is a beautiful pinkeep that Lori gave me..I just love the way it looks in my wooden bowls.

This a my collection of birds and pinkeeps. The blue cloth bird in the foreground, was handstitched by Tina. I just love it and the blue is perfect. She gave us each a little gift for coming to her home on Friday. Believe me..just seeing her home in person was gift enough!! The brown fabric sewing box, with the little bird on top was also made by Tina. I purchased it from her picturetrail a couple of months ago..then, the pinkeep on top on the hog scraper was made by Lori..it was a gift from her last fall on a visit to her home. I think I should just move up there!! So beautiful!

This was one of my finds in Florence WI, at a little corner antique shop. It is a very early, cobbler's bench. I love the color and pantina of the wood and it fits quite nicely on my fireplace.

This is a goose feather tree that I found rummaging in the basement of the same little shop. I couldn't believe it! The base is split and somebody painted it an awful metallic gold, but the red is showing through in spots. I don't know how old it is, but from the looks of it, it has been around quite a while. The feathers are really faded in some areas. I have lots more pictures..but not enough time to post everything this evening. That little shop was quite a treasure trove!

July 3, 2010


I feel like an idiot! I posted a whole darn paragraph under the picture...but it didn't show up..I'm so sorry! I must have hit the wrong button. Anyway...the beautiful flag was made from my AAPG friend, Joanne, who is always so thoughtful and sending RAK's throughout the year to all the members. Thank you Joanne...I love it and it does look lovely with my daisies! I am so excited..usually on the 4th, we usually have cookout over here, but this year, my son, Nathan, and his wife invited us over for a cookout...YIPPEE!! The only thing I have to make is an artichoke-cheese dip.

I hope everyone has safe and enjoyable 4th! The weather in Michigan promises to be a HOT one with lots of sun. Take care!!