March 25, 2009


This weekend I am embarking on a new adventure....I am changing my living room decor from "primitive/colonial" to "contemporary rustic" is that for a new decorating phrase! After 25 years of country, I am going more modern, but keeping a small amount of rustic charm....meaning, I purchased a nice, cushy dark brown leather couch, with two comfortable sea blue contemporary chairs and glass-top end tables and a glass-top coffee read! How is that for turning on a dime?? I am keeping two of my primitive pieces...a dark walnut sawbuck table in my dining room and a dark pine dry sink that I had purchased three years ago in Ohio. I believe I will be able to mix the old with the new and somehow it will all work. In my older age...I am seeking to be more comfortable that to be in a particular style.

We purchased a 42 inch TV for the living room last year and that seems to have started it all. In 37 years of marriage, I have never had a TV in the living room, but I have discovered that it is pretty cool! I can watch Dancing With The Stars in the comfort of my living room with a fire going, food on my lap, and in the company of family! In one of the corners of my living room, I am going to create a stitching/reading area..complete with table , a comfy chair, and good lighting.

Sometimes, change is good..I know, I needed a change and what better place to start than in your own nest!


Maria said...


I am going through the same changes in my house as well. It is hard because of all the money invested in the primitive decor and not knowing what to do with it. Good sounds wonderful. Maria

farmgirl beth said...

Can't wait to see photos!