July 27, 2009


Photobucket For the past year, I haven't picked up a rug hook. I don't know what happened along the way, but I just could never get in the mood to hook. I have about 3 UFO's sitting on my shelf..and I really hate not finishing what I start, but I just cannot seem to get to those 3 projects completed. So, I think that's what did it. It put me into a rughooking "funk"!

Yesterday, I was thinking about hooking a rug using beautiful blues...indigo blues, royal blues, navy blues...thinking about how I could dye the wool that I have into beautiful blues. I have mostly reds, browns, greys, greens, and off white in my stash.....hardly any blue. So, today I bit the bullet. I dug out my "Two dye or Not Two Dye" book by Sue Hoss. She uses only two dyes from the Cushing Perfection Dyes to make the most beautiful primitive shades for wool! Her instructions are foolproof, or I should say, "Idiot proof"! It is a rare day that I have time to start a new adventure, but I have to admit, it was quite enjoyable. I just took my time, and enjoyed the process. I am also excited to start a new design, one that I have already sketched out.

I guess it is just a fact of life with women who share the love of any kind of needlework or craft...there are going to be unfinished works of art sitting on a shelf or in a closet. The real test is...just being able to get over the hump and do what makes your heart sing!

July 13, 2009



It's hard to believe, but my youngest child, Jeff, turns 24 years old tomorrow, July 14th. He is the youngest of five and he is a pretty amazing young man. Even though he never cared to play sports, he agreed to play one season of baseball....hence, the picture above. He would probably die of embarrassment if he knew I posted this picture...but I think it is sweet. Of course, every mom thinks their baby is sweet!



This is Jeff now...very grown up..very handsome. But what I am most proud of is the fact that he is such a wonderful and kind young man. He works at the same hospital where I work and he is so kind to patients, both young and old. He takes the time to talk with them, listen to them, and even joke with them. He is in his final year at Wayne State University...going into teaching. I think he will be an excellent teacher!

Jeff is a favorite with his nieces and nephews, playing puppets is one of their favorite activities. Of course, he can change his voice from Minnie Mouse to Deputy Dawg in a matter of seconds....how does he do that?? Pictured with him is his beautiful girlfriend, Crystal at a wedding a few months ago. They are a wonderful couple, who truly compliment and bring out the best in each other. Happy Birthday Jeff....I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful year!

July 5, 2009


Photobucket This is the newest member of our family. Introducing.....Isabel Angeline...whew that's a mouthful. She was born yesterday afternoon...a 4th of July baby!!! Yippee!!! She is my oldest son's third child. He has the two little redheads. The middle name is after my grandmother, Divie Angeline, who is now an astounding 98 years old. This would be her great, great grandaughter. How blessed we are to have such five generations!

This is Parker Scott. He is two months old and smiles alot...but of course, not when Granny is taking a picture! He has the biggest dimple in his left cheek. such a good baby. He was just watching all the activities of his brother, sister, and all of his cousins.

Everyone into the pool!!! Well, at least two of them anyway, Jacob and Olivia had no problem getting soaked...Karsyn and Brady (the little guy in the back ground)were not too brave. They only stuck their hands in...guess they didn't want to mess up their 4th of July frocks!!

Karsyn is wanting a third bowl of chocolate ice cream....she was so tired she could hardley keep her eyes open, but she kept shoving it in. Ahhh.....to be young again!