July 22, 2010


Tina's display of her primitive, antique wooden bowls on her dining room table.

My collection of antique wooden bowls...wish I had the antique table Tina had in her dining room!

After visiting Tina's beautiful saltbox in Wisconsin..I couldn't wait to get home. She has such a lovely way of displaying her primitives...ways I never would have even thought of! I had all kinds of decorating ideas running through my head!! One of the displays Tina had, was her old wooden bowls. She had them placed in an old, primitive wooden box, just very simply sitting on her dining room table..BEAUTIFUL!

So...when I got home, the first thing I did was run to the basement, dust off my wooden bowls....clean the cobwebs off of my primitive, antique dough box (that has been sitting in the cellar for over a year)and put them all on my table! I love it..of course the husband just kind of rolls his eyes but he always goes along with the flow!


Lori said...

Your dough box with bowls looks wonderful Bobbie! I wish I had a basement full of primitives to pick from! LOL And I love the little sampler inspired by Tina's that you stitched on the way home too!

Gayle said...

I think your bowls look just as nice as hers! Good collection!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Looks good! Don't shortchange yourself ~ you have a very nice display!!!

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

I love wood bowls. Thanks for posting the picture. I like your display, the dough box you have is really nice.

Kaye said...

Bobbie, your dough box and bowls are wonderful, can't believe you have your antiques in the basement, you gotta get them out and displayed, would love to see more. With all the great needlework you do they would fit in so great. Get busy girl, and would love to see you again, come on over and hook at my house the next time you are in Ohio.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Bobbie ~
I, too, have a weakness for wooden bowls. I have a couple out filled with stone fruit, but the majority are hiding in cupboards. I just wish I had a dough box residing in my basement!
Pug hugs :)