July 12, 2010


What a wonderful week! My husband & I took a little vacation and went everywhere from Shipshawana IN, St. Joseph's MI, Spring Green, WI and then up to the Upper Pennisula of Michigan. We had a family reunion on Saturday in Iron Mountain, but I was also able to visit and go traveling with my friend, Lori Rippey. We stayed at a wonderful hotel in Iron River not far from Lori's and was able to visit with her and her husband on Thursday afternoon. I just love Lori's house!!! It is so inspiring...her quilts, her rugs, her dolls, not to mention the way she has everything to tastefully arranged. It is a feast for the eyes! Most of you have been on her picturetrail..but the pictures really do not do it justice..it is wonderful!! On Friday, Lori and I drove to Appleton WI to the home of Tina from Early America 1815 and met up with some other ladies for a day of shopping and fun.

Tina's home is so beautiful. Warm and inviting. We traveled in two cars, there were 6 of us in the first car and then 2 other ladies followed. I don't think we ever stopped chatting..sometimes there were at least 3 different conversations going at once!! I have posted lots of pictures below..so I hope everyone enjoys!!

This is a beautiful pinkeep that Lori gave me..I just love the way it looks in my wooden bowls.

This a my collection of birds and pinkeeps. The blue cloth bird in the foreground, was handstitched by Tina. I just love it and the blue is perfect. She gave us each a little gift for coming to her home on Friday. Believe me..just seeing her home in person was gift enough!! The brown fabric sewing box, with the little bird on top was also made by Tina. I purchased it from her picturetrail a couple of months ago..then, the pinkeep on top on the hog scraper was made by Lori..it was a gift from her last fall on a visit to her home. I think I should just move up there!! So beautiful!

This was one of my finds in Florence WI, at a little corner antique shop. It is a very early, cobbler's bench. I love the color and pantina of the wood and it fits quite nicely on my fireplace.

This is a goose feather tree that I found rummaging in the basement of the same little shop. I couldn't believe it! The base is split and somebody painted it an awful metallic gold, but the red is showing through in spots. I don't know how old it is, but from the looks of it, it has been around quite a while. The feathers are really faded in some areas. I have lots more pictures..but not enough time to post everything this evening. That little shop was quite a treasure trove!

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