May 14, 2009


It's been way too long since I last posted on my blog, but life has been very, very busy. We are in the process of getting new windows, painting, doing yard work, but first we needed to take a vacation. So, we went to Orlando, as we do every two years. It is wonderful down here....I don't know if I could live here year round, but it is a very nice and welcomed change. Being on a vacation, is much like a fairy work, only play. Get up when you want, shop when you want, cook or not cook when you want and most importantly, enjoy the company of friends and family at a more leisurely pace.

This morning, my husband decided he would like to go to the War Plane Museum in Kissimmee, FL. So off we went. We figured we would see a few World War II planes, but never did my husband imagine he would actually get to fly in one! With a little coaxing from me, he bought his ticket to ride in a two-seater Texas Trainer from the 1940's. This plane was used to train fighter pilots in WWII, over the magnificent Florida landscape. It was a 15 minute flight, but one he will not soon forget. He enjoyed it so much and I was so happy for him, because, all he ever does when he comes down here is go to Epcot and take me shopping! So this day was all about him!

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Dogpatch Primitives said...

Hi glad you enjoyed your vakay. You're such a hard worker, and your hours are so long, I know it must have felt wonderful just to enjoy each day as you please!