January 31, 2010


Yesterday morning, I ventured to Fenton Michigan to a needlework shop, "Stitch'N Things". It is about an hour drive from my house, but boy oh boy...do they have the stuff!! Everything from fancy scissors, silk threads, charts, and a wide choice of linens.

I have had such an ordeal stitching on linen, that it really takes the joy out of stitching....my eyes just arent that good to see every other little hole! And I refuse to wear one of those magnifying thingies around my neck..cross stitching shouldn't be that difficult! So....I was able to find hand dyed 18 ct and 14 ct linen...it is beautiful! I can't wait to start stitching on it. I told the owner that I had never used silk thread to stitch and she handed me a hank of silk thread and told me to start stitching with it...she claimed after 4 stitches I would be hooked!! It was awfully nice of her, since this hank of silk was priced $7! Just what I need....another way to spend even more money on beautiful thread!

And now for an update on my Maggie B. rug...I am still hooking almost nightly on it. I ripped out some of the old green wool and rehooked with the new wool I had purchased last week. It is a big rug....but I sure didn't make my deadline to have it finished by the end of this month...oh well....I'm shooting for March at the rate I'm going!! I'll post pictures this week, after I've made a little more progress..have a great week everyone!


Lori said...

How fun Bobbie! It's always a treat to find a new shop. Can't wait to see more of your rug hooked too!

Penelope's Beehive said...

Such a lovely treat! You will enjoy working with silk...it feels ever so indulgent!
Peaceful stitching,
~ j

WoolenSails said...

I need some of that myself, wish I could find a place around here. What is is called? I have prim linen from the store, but it is stiff, like the softer feel, but need the big holes too.


Deb said...

Bobbie - I'm glad that you made a visit there. That shop is teeny tiny, but boy do they cram the stuff in there. Her shop used to be in Davison and she had actually two storefronts and it was good sized, now she's so small, but there are so many treasures crammed in that place. She's the only one I know of that carries hand-dyed fabric within close proximity of my house - it's about a 30 minute drive, so it's nice to know she's around.

There is one other shop near Bay City if you really want to take a nice drive. It's Stitch 'N Time, and the owner Collette, is really great for helping you out with things!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Bobbie ~
I know what you mean about trying to stitch on linen after a certain "age". I hit that a long time ago. I was a cross stitcher for years (decades?) and only stitched on linen. I think in the last 15 years I've only stitched maybe three things. Recently, though, I've had the itch and even went to the attic and found my hang around the neck magnifying glass ~ ~ ~ that's the only way I will ever be able to do it. I guess that's why I now hook. You don't need to see nearly as well...lol!
Good luck with your stitching and hooking.
Pug hugs :)

kelley said...

the shop sounds wonderful...would love to find someof that linen myself...I'm using mag 3 cheater glasses for my x stitching on linen...looking forward to seeing more of your rug...

Janean said...

doncha adore finding new GOOD stores?? I found a yarn/needle store about 2 hours a way, but they are a place to plan a Saturday around --- FAB.