December 6, 2009


Yesterday, my husband and I went to cut down our Christmas tree at a tree farm we discovered last year. It's about 40 miles south of our home, almost to the Michigan/Ohio border. The road traveled is a narrow two lane, country road that is lined with farmhouses, barns, & acres and acres of corn fields. I love the drive to this tree farm. I often think of how different it must be living out in this quiet atmosphere as compared with living in suburbia. My husband always says "No way would I live out here"..but I would move in a heartbeat! husband has got to the sweetest,most patient man in the world! Going with me to pick out a tree is like taking a 6 year old girl to the American Girl Shop in Chicago! I have to admit...I am would think I am picking out a tree for the White House! And the tree I usually pick out is one that is a little scrawny, a little too tall. and of course the trunk is ALWAYS crooked! This year, I opted for a shorter tree, but I love it!! It is a Canaan Fir and is sparse just in the right places. Decorating is done for this year. I'm planning on taking it easy and enjoying the prelude to Christmas. Sooooo..take care, my friends....and have a blessed week...enjoy this glorious Christmas Season!


Deb said...

Oh, your husband sounds like mine. Whenever we're out in the country or up north, I tell him the same thing - that I could live there. And he always says, "Not me". He doesn't know how peaceful it could be.

I love your description of picking out your tree - those scrawny ones are always the best. We still use the ole fake tree, but at least it looks realistic.

Lori said...

Your trip to the tree farm sounds so wonderful! I love how you described your tree. Can we see it?

Kaye said...

Bobbie your tree sounds perfect, I know I would love it. I bet you put some wonderful things on it. I would love to see what you did.