June 12, 2009



About a month or so ago at the Rocking Horse, They had this Whitman's Candy Box on display. It is from a pattern by "The Stitching Parlor". It is called, "My First Sewing Box and Scissors Fob". They didn't have the pattern in stock at the time, but I was able to find it in Florida. Well, when I went to the sale this afternoon, they had the box, linen, threads, ribbon, and pattern all in a kit...plus they had their 20% off sale. If any of you have seen this in person it is the sweetest little sewing box...plus, the candy box is filled with chocolate!!! How lucky can one stitcher get? I am planning on making this for my grandaughter Karsyn for Christmas. There is not a lot of stitching, but the design is beautiful..something I think little girls would treasure, whether or not they sew..it could also be used as a little jewelry or trinket box.

I am going to sell my extra pattern to anyone who is interested, because I don't need two of them. I will sell it for $6.50, brand new, never taken out of the package....just let me know. My email is eveningstitcher@yahoo.com. The candy box can be ordered directly from the Whitman Candy company online. Have a great evening!

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