February 13, 2009


WOW....What a week! I worked in the pre-op area for two days and then the recovery room for the other two days and I feel like a whipped puppy! Now, don't get me wrong, I love doing what I do. I'm 56 and I can run with the big dogs and the young ones too, but for some reason, this week there must have been a full moon every evening!! And like every hospital in the country...we have a nursing shortage. Our hospital system has a hiring freeze on because of the economy but it sure would be nice to have additional help! A coworker of mine always says, "They want champagne service on a beer budget!". LOL!! I am very thankful that I at least have a job & I thank God every day that He has allowed me to do what I do....but goodness gracious....I hope it doesn't kill me before I get to retire!!!

I mean...I have all this stitching planned. I keep buying charts, threads, fabric...all just waiting for the time I retire (I certainly don't have time to do it now). I have arranged and rearranged my supplies for easy access just in case my eyes & my mind start to go!! I have antique picture frames poking out all over the place just waiting for those prized reproduction samplers that I am going to make!

This evening, don't ask me why....but I decided to clean out my sewing room. The winter blahs have been around way too long....time to go lighter and brighter! Tomorrow I am heading off to Joann Fabrics to find some floral fabric to make curtains. then I think I might even try making a skirt to go around my sewing table for a little extra flair! Of course...this all sounds really good tonight...tomorrow will probably be a different story!


connie said...

This winter has gotten to me too..I have been able to be outside for a few days and that did wonders for me..I am itching to make a valance for my kitchen and paint my bathroom..Connie

Bobbie said...

Connie...I am so sad...this morning I woke up to 3 inches of freshly fallen snow..YUCK!! I am still going to make my curtains! Good luck with your projects!


MommaB said...

Oh wow..your stitching is so pretty...what kind of fabric is the sampler done on??..i love that prim look.i am just learning stitching and needlepunch..