March 6, 2011


Well..nothing new to report here. After having bronchitis and not working for a week, I had to catch up on all kinds of things around the house this past week..but I still feel like I have been hit by a semi! This weekend I have had nothing but wedding and baby still, I am unable to really get anything done. I am in such a mood to paint, rearrange, and redecorate. I need to lighten things up. I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday morning and bought a few things to change the look of my mantle. Not a big fan of HL, plus they are a little pricey, unless they have a 50% sale..and I really hate the fact that everything they sell....and I MEAN EVERYTHING is made in China. But...I needed a quick fix. Now..after buying some black wrought iron wall back wall needs a paint job. Right now it is a dark blue (my husband's choice three years ago) and I have fought with that color ever since...nothing really stands out on it..all you see is the dark blue..My other walls are a I think I am going for two shades of a darker taupe and then I will paint my mantle either the same or the color of my other walls..whatever I's only paint! Here are a couple of mantle and wall ideas that I think may work. These are NOT pictures of my living room..these were taken from a search engine of "Mantle decorating" from Yahoo. Lots and lots of ideas!

These may be a little too white and bright...but they are beautiful!


moosecraft said...

I like them both! At first I liked the first one as it looks so Springtime... but, I do like Fall too and the second one is so golden warm like autumn, that I like that one too! Sorry I could not help in your decision making... I am sure what you do decide on will look fabulous! :-)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Bobbie ~
I hope you are feeling like your old self again soon. It's no fun being sick.
Please keep us posted on your decorating re-dos. I love seeing what others are inspired to do. I think I could be inspired if I had the time...sigh!
Hugs :)