April 18, 2010


This weekend was our "Little Quilt Weekend Retreat" for the ebay group, AAPG (An American Primitive Gathering). I am not a quilter...tried it...didn't like it..but my good friend Lori, from Homespun Prims by Lori, makes the most amazing quilts among other handmades, including the wonderful pincushion also seen in the picture. So....I took my little quilts, made by her, and framed them. I think they are deserving to be treated as works of art...which they are! Pictures do not do them justice, but at least by framing them, they are front and center and they really dress up my living room wall. They were easy to frame, but I want to change the background from the stark white, acid free paper, to a soft tan. Lori's blog and picturetrail are listed on the sidebar to see even more of her amazing hand-mades & her beautiful home.

The game board was purchased from a wonderful folk artist from Maine who happened to be one of the vendors at the Malabar Farm show last September. And of course..as you can see...I don't have one particular style of decor that I cater too...I have a mix of everything. Notice the ironstone pitcher with the flowers?? That pitcher has traveled to more places and tabletops in my home than a container of Orange Glo!

Anyway...I hope everyone is have a nice Sunday...it's still a bit chilly here in Michigan..but at least we don't have snow!


WoolenSails said...

The display looks beautiful with the gameboard.
I need to figure out a display for the pieces I have been making, might help if we painted the walls first;)


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Love the quilt display and I wholeheartedly agree - they are works of art!!! Yep, a little chilly here (in MI) today - but it could be worse!

Lori said...

Thank you Bobbie for your kind words about my work. I love how your little quilts look framed and especially next to that awesome gameboard!

Deb said...

I love your display and I think that whatever makes you happy is what looks best! After 84 this week, it is a little chilly isn't it? I personally think that it's gotten too warm around here too fast. I'm not complaining, but it's a shock going from one extreme to the next.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Great way to display some beautiful quilts.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Bobbie ~
Love the little quilts. That's one thing I haven't tried and I'd better not. I don't have enough time now for the things I really want to do.
Chilly here in Ohio, too! A good excuse not to do yard work...lol!
Pug hugs :)

moosecraft said...

Breathtaking! Love the idea of framing these quilts. Certainly makes the most beautiful works of art!

Penelope's Beehive said...

A beautiful display Bonnie!

Sheila said...

Wish I would have seen the game board first. Lori your quilts are great!