August 9, 2009


How in the world can it be 70 degrees with cold, damp, rainy weather yesterday and then 98 degrees???? It is so blasted hot outside, that I am NOT going outside....nope, not to see the grandkids, not to the grocery store, not to a restaurant. I am sitting in the house, watching TV, hooking, and doing some laundry. I know I will regret it tomorrow when I am back at work, but for today it is what I have to do!

I am still hooking away on my rug. Just can't seem to get it done. We have had a busy weekend. Yesterday, we went up to Ubly Michigan (no not "Ugly Michigan!) which is about 70 miles north of Detroit. My husband's cousin & husband celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary....can you imagine? What a blessing! We had such a wonderful time. This lovely couple have raised 11 children and have a total of 58 grand and great grandchildren. Their immediate family consists of 78 people (I may be more, I kind of lost count yesterday). Anyway...we didn't get home until 11:30 last evening. if I don't have enough to do....I am planning a 60th birthday party for my husband. It was one of those things, should I or shouldn't I?? My kids wanted me to rent a hall, have a DJ and all that. Make it a "surprise" party...well, I thought at one time that may have been a cool idea, but the more I thought about it...I decided it was just too much work. So, I have decided have a party in our yard, invite the family, his brother and sisters' families, a few friends, and a couple of his childhood buddies. I think there will probably be about 70 people and that is big enough...NO suprise either...he will be involved. My husband loves a party! Well, at least he loves having family and friends over.

Hope everyone has a nice day...stay cool!

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Deb said...

It certainly was hot here yesterday, wasn't it. I didn't even want to go outside! Now where the heck is Ubly? I'm going to have to look it up on the map - that's one city I haven't heard of around here.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the party and good luck with all your preparations for your husband's 60th. Sounds like it's going to be great time! Especially if he loves a party!!