January 10, 2009


If you're like me, you probably have more stitching charts than you know what to do with. I know I have WAY more charts than I could ever possibly stitch in a life time, but I do enjoy them! It's almost like flipping through your favorite magazine. I had a problem trying to keep my charts in order....I am pretty orderly and like to consider myself organized (most times), but the charts had gotten out of hand.

I went to my local Walmart a couple of years ago and purchased a binder along with some clear, plastic paper protectors/sleeves. Then, I slid my patterns into these protectors, one pattern per sleeve. I also am able to keep the fabric and threads I have purchased with these patterns altogether, so when I decide to stitch, all I have to do is pull out the sleeve and everything is together.

Since it was snowing so much this evening here in Michigan, I thought it would be a great night to reorganize the new charts I have purchased. I went from one binder to three! Luckily, I had saved some older binders with hopes that I would be able to use them. Since I hold in my possession, many beautiful patterns from wonderful designers, I put them in alphabetical order, The smaller binder is dedicated to my charts from Carriage House/Barrick and The Goode Huswif patterns. I think I could open up my own stitching shop! Have a great evening stitching!!!!!!!!!


Sherry said...

OK Bobbie now THAT'S really neat!!!! And when exactly did you say you were coming to The Queen'S house to organize her's like that??????

The Queen

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Awesome job Bobbie! I'm trying to clean out my "room", not just my stitching stuff. I admire the "organized". Not sure if I'll ever be classified as such, but I'm sure trying...

Bobbie said...

Oh Sherry...well, we'll be in Cleveland on the 23rd, how about I come then..LOL! Be ready...I'm a thrower-outer!

Kathy...What I didn't mention is the fact that the rest of my entire sewing room is a heep of stuff just waiting to be put somewhere..but at least I have my charts together. They always say "If you think it, you'll be it", so I keep saying "I'm organized, I'm organized"!

The Worker Bee said...

A snowy hello to you Bobbie ~

There are days when I am drowning in threads! I shall draw strength from your fine example indeed!

~ Peaceful stitching ~